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I take health and fitness very seriously but it should be "fun" too! 

That's why I offer a variety of different style fitness classes, cardio equipment and personal training sessions.

Every client is important and unique.  Based on this I design a holistic training program that takes into consideration your lifestyle, level of commitment, and realistic goals. Everyone can benefit from seeing a personal trainer or taking group fitness classes so all of my classes are suitable for all levels of fitness.

I have 2 studios and a separate cardio area.  The large studio is for fitness classes with a high ceiling and lots of room to move.  The smaller studio is a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere for Pilates Reformer Training. The Cardio area has tv(s) and WiFi to keep you entertained while doing that all important cardio stuff.

I really strive to provide you with the best possible service every time you visit.

Please come and experience Phoenix Health & Fitness. I look forward to meeting you.

My working hours are by appointment and scheduled class times only.

I can schedule appointments at any time of the day at your convenience. Contact me to book a training session.